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Feb 11, 15
ok. then you'll get with rush and have him accept you on the website and you'll get with him on clan wars
Feb 11, 15
showing currently not a part of HG :sick:
Feb 11, 15
Ok thanks, i will have to talk to hive next time i see him
whats up guys
its been awhile
whats up Atrocity my name is HG VADER add me on the xbox one so we can play
Feb 15, 15
anyone on
Feb 19, 15
what up guys
Feb 19, 15
What up bubblez
whats up¡
Feb 20, 15
muh nukkahs
Feb 20, 15
holy shit its bubbles
Feb 20, 15
Feb 20, 15
graduated from basic training today
Feb 21, 15
lovers gonna love, haters gonna hate
Feb 21, 15
Congrats Bubblez!
Feb 22, 15
thanks kotaco
Feb 24, 15
Congrats bubbles, best of luck moving forward my friend!
Feb 25, 15
If I could get my tags back, that would be great.
whats up HG!!
Thu at 13:12
Thu at 21:22
You need rabies tags? skin tags? name tags? what you looking for Enormous
Fri at 1:31
I'm having internet troubles right now, gm won't send my messages but I can see others and I can't sign into live atm. Hopefully figured out soon
Sat at 22:39
I have been out of hg for a while now but I want back in use to be on the 360 division but I have upgraded to the ps4 can some one help e back in hg
Sun at 0:41
Sun at 1:14
Whats up guys
Sun at 23:54
what do i do if im a free agent looking for a team
Mon at 2:57
Looking for some people to play ranked with on the X1. If you're interested please add my gamertag
Mon at 22:51
addd me
Tue at 2:44
Hey. Whats up? Been a long time.
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