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Fri at 22:06
Finally got my laptop fix hello to you all FNG
Fri at 22:08
I`m new this clan and want to say whats up
Fri at 23:33
whats good clannies
Sat at 0:21
What up man welcome
Sat at 1:13
why does xHGx have a big FAT ZERO in Platinum Clan Wars right now is no one playing
Sat at 1:14
did the xHGx Platinum Clan give up the last clan war
i guess i dont know, im not in platinum im in diamond
Sat at 8:31
let get ready for the clan war tomorrow
Sat at 8:57
Sure thing man im ready for that diamond
Sat at 14:41
Good morning mates
Sat at 14:43
Buying my XB1 in October the games i will be on are AC Unity,COD AW,BF4
Sat at 14:50
I join last week but my internet was on ipod and now finely the laptop
Sat at 22:04
Report: Ghosts servers DDoS’d by hacker group ‘LizardSquad’
Sat at 22:42
does anyone in this community actually play
Sat at 22:42
i would love to have someone to play with add me and lets get rollin
Sat at 22:42
just so everyone knows i have a 2.7 kd so pick e up if your lookin to win
Sun at 1:29
Your coming in at the end of a game that I have put almost 30 days into playing and asking if anyone actually plays in this community. That's like coming in with 10 seconds left in 4th quarter up by 30... I think most of us are on coast till AW comes out. .......
Sun at 1:30
Jump on Destiny and I'll send you an invite, lol
Mon at 3:12
if anyone still plays xb 360 hit me up a friend request
Mon at 3:12
gt jiggatheman
Mon at 8:10
HappyBirthday HG Wheelz!!!!
Mon at 14:52
the thing is doc i have enough skill to be the player that comes in with 10 seconds left and still scores another TD ... its not like people dont play Ghosts still and a lot of people are playing ghosts till AW comes out ... so hit me up
Mon at 14:54
Yo I'm new trying to figure out how I fill out he application which do I pick to fill out?
Mon at 14:55
i would reccommend to fill out for free agent seems like that would be the best route
Mon at 15:13
thanks trigz!
Mon at 15:13
happy bday wheelz
Mon at 15:14
thanks man!
Mon at 18:45
Eh, my ghosts playing is about done. Probably sell it in next couple weeks.
14 hours ago
following on twitter
13 hours ago
I put in a app I just don't know if I put it in the right spot
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