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Oct 16, 14
Thanks for the name idea redskins
Oct 16, 14
Always make sure your forum name is the same as your gamertag.
Oct 18, 14
yeth thir
Guess who's back like a bad habit !
Oct 18, 14
whats up sergeant skins?
Oct 18, 14
@gods zombies Wheelz is back lol
She wasnt talking about me... lol
Oct 19, 14
A little over 2 weeks until AW guys!! Hope you all enjoyed the down time cuz AW recruitment is about to be crazy! :sick:
Sun at 16:00
I want to join for ps3 currently on black ops 2 but will get AW day zero
Sun at 16:01
my psn is Awoahkin
Mon at 19:35
sorry we don't have a PSN clan
Tue at 4:16
We should start a comicon for HG
Tue at 4:23
just think about all them asian girls,(no offense to the ladies in the clan)!! damn
Wed at 4:38
can i ask how can I get my points out of minus?????
Wed at 4:52
Post more often
Wed at 11:14
post more and get your posts up-voted =]
Wed at 15:05
no votes and i`m on everyday
Wed at 21:26
I never vote on anybodies, nor even look at my own votes, but I did try yours and it doesn't let me so.........
Wed at 21:55
I posted on your thread how the points work man
Thu at 1:01
what's up my good friends..
Fri at 1:20
anybody on ghosts on xbox one
Fri at 23:41
well Good Bye Hellfire was Great being in you clan Now What's Up INFINITY
Sat at 1:20
Hey guys, please feel free to add me for COD: Ghosts and COD: AW when it come out. my gamertag is as seen here. (xSEEBZ93x) I'm always looking to party up and kick some butt. I'll hopefully be accepted into the Deciapitate
Sat at 1:23
hello how is it going? ill be on advance warfare on the 360. something came up so ill be on xbox in a month. please add me on the x360
Sat at 1:25
I'll only be on Xbox one.
Sat at 2:25
hey xSEEBZ93x I added you
14 hours ago
Hit me up to game on Ghosts Xbox One. I'll be on the majority of the day
4 hours ago
What is up Homicidal Gaming?? New recruit here, hope for an active career here, possibly joining a competitive team.
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