whats up guys
Nov 1, 15
Good Morning HG Family! Hope Everyone has a Great Day!
Nov 1, 15
Can i get someone to get back to me about joining :sick:
TWD Was awesome plus how was every ones halloween
Nov 3, 15
Yo DHG KRONIC when did you put a new app in?
Nov 9, 15
Just applied for HOMICIDAL GAMING! Hope everything works out and I can be apart of what looks like a great gaming community! If anyone wants to play please message me my PSN is Zero_Clockw0rk
I just put an app in yesterday I hope I can be member of HG
Everyone add me sentinelforce12
Nov 12, 15
I tried to apply. Idk if my app went through tho
Nov 13, 15
To officially become a member of HG what do we have to do? :sick:
Nov 13, 15
Register on the site, and a member of either PS or Xbox will get ahold of you depending on which console you're on.
I'm on PlayStation and registered for the clan still waiting for someone to get me
Nov 16, 15
Just registered..if anybody plays PS4 Dom add me shsabres
Nov 17, 15
how long does it usually take to get a answer back? :/
Nov 17, 15
Hello Krizzler. When did you do an application, and for what system?
Sun at 21:42
I put in a app a few weeks ago, and currently on xbox one
Fri at 18:18
Just put my application in soooo Ill hope for the best >.<
19 hours ago
SO how long does it take for a Clan rep to get with someone when they ask to join?
2 hours ago
add me on xbox one Stephen
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