Mar 1, 15
what do i do if im a free agent looking for a team
Looking for some people to play ranked with on the X1. If you're interested please add my gamertag
Mar 3, 15
Hey. Whats up? Been a long time.
whats up mofos! XD
thanks to hg doll and skidmark for all the help thank you
Mar 5, 15
you're welcome
Mar 6, 15
Sup! outcastreaper12 when u playing!
Mar 6, 15
hopefully Tomorrow
outcast you gon be on later today???
Mar 8, 15
Anybody wanting to play?
Mar 11, 15
Mar 11, 15
Hey peeps.
Mar 13, 15
Whats the clan tag for purge? like the full thing
Mar 13, 15
what do you mean? like on the box?
Mar 13, 15
Mar 16, 15
I'll be back and playing soon guys
hey guys!
im in for the war this is the inly place it will let me do anyyhinh
Who do I talk to to get into the next clan wars
I have changed my gt from SweVompan00 to HG Viking just so u guys know
Hey does anyone know if there is a Battlefield section for HG?
should i get battlefield hardline?
Mar 23, 15
no and no
Mar 24, 15
BF: Hardline is super fun, me and a few others have been playing it quite a bit, a good break from CoD every now and then doesn't hurt :sick:
Mar 24, 15
Don't any of you listen to music? Go post a song on the 'Song of the day' thread
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